The Corner - an innovative solution to increase sales of apartments with finishing from the developer
Website Solution


Personalization of the future apartment in the cross-platform online configurator on the sales website with a database of all apartments.


Collection of statistics of customer interaction with the configurator and integration into the CRM system of the developer.


Automatic formation of a detailed specification of a unique apartment configuration for a buyer, developer and contractors.

Provide the consumers the opportunity to become a co-author of a new apartment

The long-awaited joy of buying an apartment in a new house often overshadows the infinitely long process of self-repair with unpredictable cost.


The Corner is an innovative solution that helps the developer to increase sales of apartments with finishing and get extra profit, and the buyer to purchase a fully finished product at the most favorable price. Using the configurator on the website or in the sales office, the buyer independently creates the interior of the very apartment that he plans to buy, with a known price. The buyer personalizes the apartment, choosing among the various options for layouts, interior styles, furnishing options and furniture that are pre-selected by professionals and are perfect for each other. After completion of construction, the buyer receives the keys to the apartment of a dream, fully ready for life.

Try how it works


Using the configurator, you can independently create the interior of a new apartment, using the example of one of the buildings of the ONLY residential quarter built in Moscow.

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